Seeing Beauty

How often have you been so focused on what you are doing that you miss the surroundings, and the beauty that radiates around you.

Often, we get so bogged down with big questions about life, our job, our relationships, or money, that we tend to let that sole thing draw all our attention and energy.  We miss out on the precious gifts that we are being offered on a daily, or more like, moment-to-moment basis.

Living in the city has a needy and magnetic affect on our energy and attention.  Our senses are constantly being drawn to a digital screen, the radio, an advert, our work deadlines…

Sadly, we often neglect the needs of Spirit, because other things seem more important (squeezing that every so important gym session in, after a long day!).

When we are out of energy is when we reach for the 4 o’clock coffee, cake or chocolate.  What if we drew energy from the greenery all around us?

Nourishment of the Spirit does not need to take an hour out of the day.  It is as simple as taking a moment on your way to work to breathe in the shape of the clouds, ‘feel’ the warmth of the sun on your skin, or notice the flowers on the side of the road, or our cat welcoming us home.

There is magic everywhere in the form of beauty – all we need to do is cast our attention in it’s direction.

I was taught to keep a beauty report – a daily log of something that had a triumphant impact on my Spirit – something of beauty that resonated with me.

Today, my beauty report:  spending time under the trees at the Fourways Farmers market, noticing and listening to the activity of the birds.


It’s so simple.

It’s so delicious.

It’s there for the taking.


Take that little moment to seep it in.

Notice the effect on your energy.

Repeat daily.