Physiotherapy in Constantia

Alphen House

Alphen House is a multidisciplinary health practice in Constantia that offers a wide range of therapies and tools to help you heal in a calm setting.

The team includes two Physiotherapists, a GP, podiatrist, dietitian and clinical psychologist. We offer a range of exercise classes in Yoga, Pilates and Aqua Therapy, providing fun and easy access to health and healing.

JohnstonInglis Physiotherapy

As Physiotherapists in a world where the quickest – but not always the most effective – path to healing is encouraged, we are determined to create an environment where healing is not a final-straw, but rather a holistic venture and lifestyle choice undertaken by both client and therapist.

At Alphen House, we focus on the individual as a whole – offering a range of treatments and therapies. From Physiotherapy and other western health professions, to Pilates, Aqua Therapy and Yoga, there is something for everyone.

We welcome you as family and invite you to create a home away from home in a beautiful, friendly and serene setting.

Employing the tools we have, and those we continue to gather, we aim to share what we know about the body with you so that you have the tools to mange your own health and take charge of your own healing.

Physiotherapy has been the base of our learning but we have found that nurturing the body as a whole entity is the way to health.

So, whether you’re looking for a fun-filled Pilates or Aqua Therapy, a silent space for meditation, a Forrest Yoga session, a Physiotherapy assessment or treatment, or even just a chat, we look forward to welcoming you to Alphen House.