Why Forrest Yoga?

“I challenge you to risk going through your fears and explore connecting your Spirit into your body, living and practicing embodying Spirit. When you can feel your Spirit is intact, even the ordinary moments of your life become extraordinary.” – Ana Forrest

Forrest Yoga is fun, fluid and strengthening. It’s transferable to life. It’s healing. And it’s intuitive.

Forrest Yoga was created by Ana Forrest: A renowned yogi who studied with many of the most influential yogis of the 20th Century. Through her own journey of introspection and life experiences, she has manifested a form of yoga that is constantly evolving, that relieves the physical, emotional and mental stresses of modern day living, and is designed to heal.

It is a strong, physical practice, with lots of focus on the core! It is generally done in a warm room, which encourages detoxification. The intelligent sequencing and modifications makes it a yoga for everyone – whether new to yoga, injured, stiff, advanced or simply keen to give yoga a try!

About Ana Forrest

Ana is an eternal student of Yoga, and an incredible teacher to each student she encounters. She is deeply connected and true to who she is, and inspires her teachers and students to cut through their issues and step into their own authenticity.

She is a powerful medicine woman, and her courageous and inspirational journey can be read in her book Fierce Medicine – a recommended read if you wish to inspire your intrigue about the magic of Forrest Yoga, and our incredible power to heal ourselves.

Honour your body

“I encourage you to make your relationship with your Spirit the most passionate love affair of your life.” – Ana Forrest

Forrest Yoga is yoga repositioned, reinvented and rejuvenated for the 21st century individual. Based on the four pillars of Breath, Strength, Integrity and Spirit, Forrest Yoga adopts a fiercer, more active approach to yoga. It focuses on self-discovery – encouraging you to take what you learn on the mat and use it to better every aspect of your life. Its techniques were specifically developed by yogini Ana Forrest to cater to both the emotional and physical rigours of modern day life.

Walk in beauty

Based on the four pillars of Breath, Strength, Integrity and Spirit, Forrest Yoga adopts a strong, fierce, authentic approach to yoga. However, one of the key tools you’ll learn is how to work struggle-free. It focuses on self-discovery, on getting curious, and uses breath and intention to get you into feeling and connecting to your body.

Physical and emotional blockages are caused by stagnant energy that is trapped in an area of the body, presenting in pain, numbness, tension or a feeling of suffocation. This blocked energy can later develop into illness and disease. By getting curious, by moving the breath, and by working with intention we can change the energy patterns in the body. We learn how to work struggle free, and how to change our relationship to pain, bringing us freedom from suffering.

Honouring, speaking and living our truth, gets us back to a place of connecting to heart and spirit, allowing us to walk in beauty – a gift not only to ourselves, but to the greater Hoop of the People.


Ana Forrest has spent a lot of time working with Native American Medicine, and the principles of healing. Forrest Yoga is not simply moving the body as a form of exercise, it is also a form of meditation as you learn more about yourself, your truths, your habitual patterns and what does or no longer serves you. It allows you to peel off the layers and facades and uncover what lies beneath – the beauty that resides in all of us.

Walk in beauty, walk with Spirit, and do what quickens your blood, makes you feel good, and makes you feel alive!

Intuition by intention

Forrest Yoga uses intention to change the energy patterns in the body.

Our relationship with pain – and the suffering we attach to it – limits our freedom and approach to life. If we cannot completely remove pain from our lives, Forrest teaches us how to choose a different relationship to it, thus freeing ourselves from the restrictions it places on us.

Forrest Yoga encourages students to become curious about these blockages and how they affect their daily lives. This practice uses the intent to go deeper and bring breath and new energy into these areas – encouraging energy to flow, and allowing these blockages to be released.


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