Speaking Truth

Once you complete the Foundation Training, there is a lot of reading and exploring to do. Literally, there is a reading list as long as days.  I took one look at this and thought – gosh, ok… I need to get my game face on. The truth is, once I […]

Seeing Beauty

How often have you been so focused on what you are doing that you miss the surroundings, and the beauty that radiates around you. Often, we get so bogged down with big questions about life, our job, our relationships, or money, that we tend to let that sole thing draw […]

Opening the Heart

The heart is a weird and wonderfully mysterious place, and it is one that many of us mull over when it comes to our relationships.  It is a place that perplexes us, as we cannot seem to understand it. This is because it is a space of ‘feeling’, and in […]

Forrest Yoga and Intentions: Pleasure

The first thing I noticed that really deepened my practice was this idea of setting an intention at the beginning, and working every moment and pose in line with that intention. We have all had difference experiences in our lives, and it has been through these intentions that I have […]

Conscious living

Idealistically, I would love to live in a world where I could stay connected to Spirit easily, and always speak from my wiser self, and tackle situations calmly, openly, truthfully and bravely…. The truth is, we are all still learning these skills. We are learning to become the people we […]
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