Conscious living

Idealistically, I would love to live in a world where I could stay connected to Spirit easily, and always speak from my wiser self, and tackle situations calmly, openly, truthfully and bravely….

The truth is, we are all still learning these skills. We are learning to become the people we wish to be. We are learning to practice, on our mats, how to breathe and approach situations (or asanas) in an honest, graceful and struggle-free way, developing our dignity, self-acceptance, love and compassion.

This is more easily said than done. In fact, it is way easier to live unconsciously; out of the present moment, unaware of our feelings and bodies. It takes effort and work to choose in each moment to live in a way that honours Spirit, and who we wish to be.  To listen intently to our bodies and Spirit, and nurture as needed. This kind of conscious living sparkles us up, and is the only way of living that allows us to grow.

The desire to live consciously comes up at different times for everyone, and one cannot force another to begin this journey – it is something that one chooses individually when it feels right.  In fact, we often find excuses and ways out of doing so.  It is a life-changing choice that one makes, and this refreshing life begins when one has simply had enough of being unconscious.

Turning away from unconscious living is often accompanied by life changes and personal sacrifices – release of toxic relationships, change in job or career that no longer serves us, change in environment, revealing of a truth, or a release of old habits, addictions and self-mutilating patterns.

These changes may be incredibly difficult for us, but without them there can be no progress.

Yoga is where we can begin practicing this way of living – where we begin to live truthfully, and unravel the chords that bind us to a life we wish to change.  It can shine light on our strength, our beauty, our bravery, our compassion for self and our compassion for others.  It can help us open our hearts, feel emotion where we are numb, embrace our inner child, and breathe through our toughest ordeals.  It is a practice. It is a place where we can fully shine light onto ourselves, our minds, bodies, hearts and Spirits, and provide a gentle space for them to begin playing together.  Forrest yoga is a practice, more than any other, where I have found liberation – in all spheres.

It is an hour (or two or three) of beautiful, conscious living.  That is why we are drawn back to our mat.  Yes, you get hot, you sweat, you work your muscles, and you sometimes have to LION ROAR that shit out, but nothing makes you feel more alive!

The tricky part comes in when we start putting this into practice off the mat. One moment we leave class with a fresh attitude and a calm, zen, ‘yoga-stoned’ brain, and the next we are stuck in traffic, wallowing in a cloud of tension and frustration!  That’s exactly when these yoga teachings can take effect.  When we can begin to use these tools, and CHOOSE our approach to life’s situations.

Conscious living.

It has been the most fascinating inspiration for me, and it keeps me motivated to be a brighter version of myself… and it will do the same for you.

So as you go about consciously making choices, bear this in mind: It helps to keep a sense of humour.  Nothing brightens and sparkles us up than laughter, and we look so damn fine when we shine!