Forrest Yoga in South Africa

“Join me in becoming a healthier, stronger and more connected person. Forrest yoga is a fiercer, deeper version of the yoga you’ll likely to be familiar with. But the tools it will teach you are life-changing and rewarding. It’ll teach you to find your inner truth, build your confidence and celebrate yourself and your Spirit, not just on the mat, but in every aspect of your life.”
– Angela Inglis.

Angela Inglis’s background as an actress and practising physiotherapist give her an in depth understanding of the human body, the emotional body and how the two connect. She fell in love with Forrest Yoga, completed her training with Ana Forrest and made it her mission to share the magic of Forrest Yoga in South Africa.

Read more about Forrest Yoga and its founder, Ana Forrest, here.

One teaches. Two learn.

Angela is passionate about living with Spirit, and her physiotherapy work gives her a unique understanding of the body, which is valuable knowledge when teaching or assisting her students. Her hands are the tools she uses to bring healing to her patients and students. In classes, her assists are effective and done with deep feeling, compassion and a desire to heal.

She is the co-director and co-owner of Alphen House, a multidisciplinary health institute run from home in Constantia, Cape Town, South Africa. She completed her first 200hr Teacher Training with Jim Harrington (2012) and the second with Ana Forrest in (2014).

Breathe. Believe. Receive.

Through Ana Forrest and Forrest Yoga, Angela’s teaching skills have grown immensely. She teaches with confidence and energy – from a place of authenticity and connection to her own Spirit.

She strongly believes in the intelligent sequencing of Forrest Yoga, and in its power to heal. She’s an athlete and dancer, but only discovered the value of nourishing the body when she found Forrest Yoga. She has also learned that personal or external pressures can consume energy and block her connection to Spirit. It’s a learning process for her, but she aims to dedicate each day to living with Spirit, to facilitating healing by inviting students to do the same, and to emphasise the importance of listening to and healing both body and Spirit.

Honouring the light within

Through Forrest Yoga, Angela teaches her students to connect to their self-worth and inner beauty – encouraging the release of negative energy stored in the cell tissue. She works with injuries, using Forrest Yoga sequencing, breath and intention principles to bring healing into the lives of her students.

Teaching Forrest Yoga has brought her back to life. She sees the magic that living on – and in connection with – our beautiful earth offers our Spirit. Sharing this is her passion. She loves nature, the animals and the energy they offer, and incorporates this love into her teaching – taking workshops into natural locations to enhance the intention of her classes.